Stepping outside, a warm breeze greets me with the faint smell of slightly overripe fruit, which isn’t bad. It is the familiar sensation of walking through the woods as a kid during the summer. Heat. Crickets. Birds. Wind. I feel a sense of boldness like I’m the only one who is noticing such a fine day. A day for kids to play is sprinklers, eat watermelon, laugh, and spend this time in return for nostalgia. The day doesn’t only last for today. It can last our entire lives if we let it. Just take the time to stop, for half a second, and breathe. 🙂


Not a pirate arggghhh” but a “get off you ass” arggghhh.

I watched an interview with George Bush this morning (GHWB, the elder). I like seeing old photos and thinking back to that time in people’s lives when they were young and full of life. Not that GHWB isn’t still full of life. Hell, the guy skydived on his 85th birthday and is planning on doing it again on his 90th! But he’s slower and talked about one day having a pill that would make his legs move a little better, pain go away and memories come rushing back.
I don’t need to be president to have a fulfilled life. But unfortunately, like a lot of men, I don’t know what I want to do with my time. And I get frustrated by myself. Especially when I see others who seemingly have vision (or drive, philosophy, strength of mind, etc.) living what looks like and ideal existence (think Laird Hamilton, one of my personal heroes). It makes me feel like I’m Bruce Banner from the Hulk who, before unlocking his DNA, wondered why he didn’t have the strength to save his wife after a car wreck when others had exhibited super human strength when faced with adversity. Why do some people have “it” and some people don’t? Is there a key? Some magic elixir I can drink and wake up with my plan?! Arggghhh!
HDT summed it all up quite nicely:
“Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.”