A life well lived?

Last week I went on a trip with Hayden’s 5th grade class to Washington DC. While sitting in the bowels of the Capitol watching a short film about the rise of the United States, I got a strange feeling and thought. It was both familiar and unnerving. Perhaps a feeling that I have had for a long time: that at the end of my life, what will I have made of it? Will I be remembered? Will I be fulfilled? Or will it simply be the ubiquitous ending of so many consumers?

“Things” don’t equal fulfillment. But we are believed that to be somebody, we should have some ‘thing’ to show for it. And having a family/friends doesn’t seem to be enough for this society. Of course we can fight it… and hell… most of us understand this anyway. Not many people would say that they have succumbed to consumerism. The credit card companies and WalMart play on these feelings, making us believe that buying more stuff will fill the hole in our french fried heart.

There are some people who seem to go through their days completely happy. Happy with the job, their lives, their future. Why not me? I can be so discontent some days. Can I ever relax?

I am searching for a way to be free.


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