Mowed the grass today while jamming out to Shabba Ranks. Good music that I don’t have to think too much about.

And I have this weird, butterfly feeling in my stomach. Like something good is about to happen. I’ve been on a sort of high for the last few days as I have made some major breakthroughs about myself and the direction I want to go. So tired of the 9-5, there’s got to be another way (let’s face it, there is). And I think I’m smart enough to figure it out. And if I can figure it out alone, I’ll ask Jenn, I’m going to ask my friends for help or others who HAVE made major changes in their lives. Should I be pissed that it has taken me this long to wake up? I think that I should feel happy that I’ve woken up at all. There’s a DMB lyric that has always stuck with me:

“I can’t believe that we would
Lie in our graves
Wondering if we had
Spent our living days well”

Damn! I can see this happening. Lying there thinking of all the things I should have done:

“Dreaming of things that we
Might have been”

It both scares and excites me.


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