Mindfully texting and the problem with being present.

We all have jobs and we all have lives. Multitasking at our jobs, strangely enough, has almost become taboo. How can you do a good job at one thing while thinking of 3 others? This is probably why my parenting skills are suspect. 

And we’ve all had the instances in work meetings where someone is happily tapping away on their “smart” phones during a meeting and we drill holes into their head with our eyes letting them know how naughty they are. We see folks on dates that aren’t even talking to each other, but they’re on their friggin phones (never gonna get laid). 

But a less talked about scenario is family time. And I’m not talking about the kids being on the phone. I mean adults. Two individuals who are seemingly dedicated to each other, but don’t want to talk to each other. And even IF they are conversing, the mere idea of another conversation going on miles away removes the person from being present in the relationship. Their mind is elsewhere. Either at the gym, or pool, or work, or mall. Wherever. But they’re not here

So what happens when the other person brings this up and says “hey, that bothers me, can you stop doing that?”? A few things could happen, actually. What we hope for is “yes darling, I didn’t realize that I was doing that. I will put it down.”. Or, unfortunately, what can happen is that they say, “I have no friends and you are trying to take them away!!!!”.

The technology, although useful, is disruptive and destructive. If you recall, texting didn’t always exist and is therefore, unnecessary. It can stop. People can still have relationships and friends without this crap. 

It will only get worse. The less enlightened we are the more we look to devices for freedom. Something to take our mind off the fact that we hate our lives. By focusing on technology, movies, news, the NFL (MLB, MLS, NBA, etc.), The Simpsons, we don’t have to be present. These shows take this from us and free us from the pain of real life. But did you hear me?! This things are stealing from us. Making us zombies or worse… consumers. 

So do me a favor, turn it off for a while. Meditate. Play with your kids. Wash the dishes. Whatever it is, be mindful. Be aware. Be free. 


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