Sacrifice… a dirty word?

According to Webster’s, the definition of sacrifice is:

1: an act of offering to a deity something precious; especially :the killing of a victim on an altar

2: something offered in sacrifice

3: destruction or surrender of something for the sake of something else

    something given up or lost <the sacrifices made by parents>

4: loss <goods sold at a sacrifice>


These all sound awful. Death, loss, destruction. So when you tell someone that they should sacrifice something, of course they’re going to object. This is “mine” and I’m not giving it to anyone. Maybe we need to change the vocabulary, but I’ll gladly sacrifice for my children, my spouse, or someone in need. We have to see this as giving rather than sacrificing. Because the beauty is that there is no sacrifice. And actually, you gain something. When you give to others, your consciousness level increases and you benefit. You can glow. And even though you should give for the sake of giving, dang, it makes you feel good!

So sacrifice something today. It’s for your benefit.


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