I am normal…

It bothers me to think that I am the only one who’s mind attacks them on a daily basis by judging and second-guessing a lot of the things I do. 

There’s a Dave Matthews song that goes “my head leave my head alone”. I believe a lot of us are actually in the situation. The song goes on to say “and I don’t believe it will until I’m dead and gone”. So all we can do is control what we can in spaces that we have available to us. Understanding that we are all going through the same experience and trying to hold our place in the highest vibration as possible. 

There’s also a good zen quote about how sometimes, during meditation, we will fall into the gaps and eventually we will become the gap. I thought about this this morning as I finished my work out and sat and looked at a row of bricks. The bricks are mostly, well brick, with only a few spaces between them filled with mortar. Analogous to the mind, most of the time will be spending the space in our head, which fits this metaphor nicely as “the brick”. We only get a few small opportunities to experience the gap as we quiet our minds. This is a good thing and nothing we should rebel against. Understanding that the gap even exists as part of the solution.  





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