My 2017 word for the year is… HONOR.

Working with a coach is a gift. I am given the gift of expanded consciousness and the opportunity to lift the veil. I say “opportunity” because just as there is a right, there is a left. Free will provides us the choice of which path to choose and allows us to listen to the whispers to reach down to the deeper knowing to decide for ourselves which one is correct for us; at that given time. To support the journey and to stay on the path I desire, I have to will work. Good work. Soulful work. HARD work. To get that work done, I have to will honor myself. I have to will honor the process and the path that this process lies upon. I have to will honor the good and the bad that I encounter with equanimity. I will do this every day, releasing the obstacles that are in the way that no longer serve me. I will speak it. I will model it. I do this for me. I honor me.


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