Do you realize that we are first generation of parents that are putting our personal and professional lives into technology (social media, smart phones, digital cameras) that our great, great, great grandchildren will be able to view? They will be able to see our lives in a way that has been unprecedented in history until now. Photographs and books are one thing, but now daily activities are animated and narrated. I imagine what it would have been like to see my dad posting videos, photos and narration on his trips to Johnston Atoll when I was a kid. Or Korea. Or Iran.

I have seen pictures of my great grandparents (only a few exist) but with what we have in front of us today, it is a much more visceral experience. It ban be interacted with and will show minute, imperceptible details such as mood, passion, even our embarrassing tics. It will exhibit our writing and our loves.Our triumphs.  Our dreams. Our worries. What an honor! And what an incredible responsibility.

Check out this quick message from one of my favs:

Audio Rant: Legacy in the Digital Age



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