Look what THAT guy has…

I have a problem. I compare. I compare myself to others and tend to beat myself up about it. “Why am I not that?”. In my coaching this morning, we discussed that comparing yourself to someone else is dismissing the magnitude of your own experience.Why do I do that? No, I haven’t been in a war, or had cancer, or had a near-death experience. I haven’t climbed Everest, or surfed Teahupoʻo. So I can’t talk about those things. My life has been generally good and reasonably mild. But aha! We all live in this world. And in the West, things are generally… good. We’re safe. We’re well fed. Yes, there is poverty and struggle, but on the whole life is swell. Yet we all want something more. Something sacred. What if… someone could offer you that? What if… that someone was you? What if… you had a partner to help with this? Hmmm.


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