Act as if

I read an article this morning and other than changing a few tidbits, this could be me.

Years ago when talking to the barista at our office (yes, there was a barista at our office, #velvetcoffin) he gave me some solid advice as we lamented about the powers that be. “You will never make money working for somebody else.” I laughed and politely agreed. Hell, at that point my stock was worth a small fortune and I though to myself ‘what the hell does this guy know’. Plenty, it seems.

Money is not real. It is a belief system. Jack Canfield said:

  • You have to make the decision to be rich*. If you don’t make that decision, your unconscious mind won’t work on trying to make it happen.

*“rich” doesn’t always mean $

“Act as if” is going to be a recurrent theme here. So touch base often.



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