The swell

The water is dark, deep, and warm. The salt cakes my skin and I feel the uncontaminated glow of the sun that is soon to break the horizon in the East, bringing with it the promise of the Now. The surf ahead is turbulent and has the ferocious power to vanquish beings that haven’t conjured the faith that is needed for the task that has been presented at this moment.

As we heave up and down together, there is a knowing and a peacefulness among us that comes with the belonging. Those without this knowing left eons ago and are content to watch, not really understanding what they are seeing. Shadows on cave walls dance before their eyes. They are calm and protected.

Fear is natural and a prerequisite for what will happen next. Without fear we lose respect. Without respect there is no value to the things we say or do, as they merely become an extension of another being’s dream.

I feel the pull. I am preparing myself. I see the swell…


Photo by Ray Collins. @RayCollinsPhoto


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