Placebo effect: prickles and goo

Can you think your way out of disease and sickness? How powerful is the mind, really? I have a vague concept that we are all goo and prickles (as Alan Watts put it) made up of tiny vibrations. Innate to us is our own, specific vibration. The reason ‘red’ is ‘red’ and not ‘blue’ is because of it’s vibration. Somewhere between spirituality and matter sits quantum weirdness, and it is here I believe the most healing can happen.

When you find a vibration that is harmonically similar to yours, you gravitate to it. It’s why I can watch The Godfather 100 times but have not much interest in The English Patient… it doesn’t jive with me. I don’t relate to it. I’m not hip to it. It’s not on my frequency. I disagree with it. It isn’t entertaining to me. There are so many ways to say the same thing. And yet we say it not knowing why it is so. (Ooh. I like that word “jive”. It has a sense of rhythm.) 

The Institute of Noetic Sciences, a nonprofit organization doing some very cool things with consciousness research and learning with a goal of helping humans raise their vibrational level, has a section of their website called “Spontaneous Remission Bibliography Project” dedicated entirely to the placebo effect. Not just people thinking their headaches away, but people thinking their cancer, AIDS, and other fatal diseases away. Apparently, Qi, is one powerful medicine. Something we all have but have no practical access to, especially in the West. I’m guilty too! Don’t get me wrong. I’m a beginner with all of this stuff.

Check out the Ted talk below. What if?



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