Ten Bulls – what’s in a name?

A bunch of dads and myself belong to a group that take our daughters out on camping/fun trips, get-togethers, shows, meetings, etc. to enrich our bond with them. It is through the YMCA (“Y-guides“) and I highly recommend it. Hit me up if you have questions.

One of the things that is really interesting is that at the beginning of whole thing, when you are forming your “tribe”, you get to pick a Native American-esque name. A lot of our girls are now “Frozen Princess” and “Wild Snowflake”. Disney taking it’s toll.

More interesting to me, though, is when the dads choose their name. Some are practical “Fishing Frog”, some are funny “Talking Bull”, and some are philosophical with a deeper underlying meaning that isn’t visible on the surface.

A buddy of mine is Ten Bulls. Cool name. I had to look it up. And once I did, it became clear and made a lot of sense considering what I know about him. The tale of Ten Bulls is a Zen story about finding enlightenment. The ten bulls are ten steps along this path: 1) the search for the bull 2) discovering footprints 3)  perceiving the bull 4) catching the bull 5) taming the bull 6) riding the bull 7) transcending the bull 8) transcending the bull and self 9) reaching the source 10) re-entering the world.

Given the same opportunity, what would your name be? Native American or otherwise, what is something significant and profound, yet subtle and personal?

… and I would be impressed if you could guess mine. 🙂



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