Cosmic Fairytale


In the song “Cosmic Fairytale”, Estas Tonne entertains the listener with a story… a story, about a baby. But it is SO much more. It’s magical.

Listening on Spotify, or even this YouTube video, it is almost impossible to hear what he is saying without using headphones. So, I wrote it down.

Since English is not his native language, I left it in as much of a “translated” style as possible. When I read it, I still hear his accent.



It’s a story about a baby.

About a little boy or a little girl.

Babies exist everywhere. Even we think sometimes that there is nobody else exist apart from us. Hmm.

So once upon a time there was a baby that was born. And no matter what this baby wanted… it would appear. Pretty much…easy. If he wanted to eat, there would be food. If baby was crying, there would be somebody to bring a toy. And if baby wanted to play with somebody, there would always be somebody to play with. If even other people could not see. Invisible friend. And all that… simply because baby knew, how to believe.

Hmm. And what happened after? Baby grew up.

There are some stories to each of us can relate to. No matter what kind of scenario it is for each of us. Because we have all different stories. Otherwise it would not be really interesting if all of us would have the same story… maybe a little bit similar. And as the story goes in the old times, storytellers didn’t necessary explain what the story means. Each of us can resonate with, with what has been told. And here we go, the story…

(Music begins)

Just recently someone said we should remember to spend time with those that are younger than seven and older than 70. They have a different kind of wisdom in those ages. And coming back to that baby that grew up; the baby grew up with many layers, so many stories many experiences many: “I know”. “I know that.” “I know this”. “I know that.” “I know how to.” “I done that, so I know.” “I have been that.” “I have been there.” “I’ve seen all of it.” REALLY?

And that baby maybe 30-year-old maybe 40 maybe 50 already that baby maybe 60!… just before 70. Because after 70 there’s another kind a baby there already. Hmmm. But some stubborn anyway. Some are stubborn anyway.

So this baby have to die and be born again; and some maybe don’t believe that. Some may be do. Doesn’t matter. Because we die and be born again every day anyway, how matter is that? We think we know, we think we know: “tomorrow I’m going to have this kind of thing, I gonna be having this kind of date with this gorgeous woman I’m going to meet a beautiful man we’re gonna have a nice dinner then we’re going to go to dance somewhere and maybe we’ll see sunset somewhere in a nice beautiful Caribbean beach”. MAY-BE! (audience laughs)

Do you really know what will happen tomorrow?

Oooooh… Let’s make Him laugh big time.

They sayin: “you want to make your” plans? Make, God, laugh.

(to audience) Ha ha ha. Exactly. Joy comes back, nice.

So this baby went to school, went to university maybe, maybe became a doctor, maybe an accountant, or maybe security in a nice corporation. Who knows what this baby became… there are so many babies out there. Ah.

And there are so many things with this baby learns. And so many layers and layers and layers and layers this baby gathered. That’ll probably take a lifetimes to take all that information. A mile of it.

Yeah sure we can be born in a more wealthy family, maybe more successful, maybe a little bit richer country, maybe white, maybe black, doesn’t matter. By all of this, baby forgot how to dream. Baby simply forgot, how to dream. How to imagine things. Going the hard way. Just because everybody doing that we need to get the diploma to become successful. Uh huh. Oh yeah.

And I born in Russia I’ve seen it so many times that successful people became not really with diplomas, they diplomas were in the right place in the world, in that exact place. Nobody needed to look at the diploma. Strange, strange, strange, so many lifetimes… it’s all the same.

Though there is something that’s really special this time, this time. We want to believe it/we don’t, doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter what language you speak, what culture we came, doesn’t matter which passport we have, what car we drive, there is something happening on this planet… everywhere, because it doesn’t happen only with us or doesn’t happen only on the TV. Not all TV necessarily telling the truth what is happening. Maybe one day they will and actually there is some good TV exist in this world. Happy to know. (audience laughs)

So these changes really is not just with us, it’s not just with the world, is not just with the universe, with those stars we look at some time, because those that forgot how to dream, they don’t see the stars… they see concrete. And it really comes to all of us, because all experience, there’s no somebody better, there’s no somebody worse, there’s no somebody that knows a little more, a little less we have been all of it already; it’s a collective experience. As a sleeping experience, there is awaken experience. And what really happening is that this beautiful mother earth that we covered with lots of concrete is awakening. And we have no idea what consequence that will be, really. Because some of us are saying there might be hurricanes happening, or tsunamis happening, something else happening that we need to “save the planet!” If she wants to save herself she can just brush herself a little bit off and she will clean the space. What we really need to save… not even save… what we really need to look at, is ourselves.

And in any case whatever I’m saying tonight I’m saying first of all to myself. I’m just giving great gratitude for you to sit here and witness this monologue. Because I have no idea! (audience laughs) The baby is speaking and he’s been taking some layers off, and it takes a long time and maybe it wouldn’t take that long, that much longer if we allow ourselves to dream, if we allow ourselves to dream about those things we forgot that we put in her pockets a long time ago just as I said in the beginning of this evening. If we allowed ourselves… to fly!

And you don’t have to believe me. Check with yourself, what dreams you forgot or is it you put in your pockets, under the carpet. Because deep inside when we are alone, we know the truth.

And I am not here to be liked or loved; I’m here to be myself. Because if I can allow myself to be fully myself…MAN! Maybe somebody else would like too.

Burning like a candle, fully. Fully. And I dream that one day on this beautiful planet we will have millions of millions of millions of those burning candles burning full power, full time, ful-ly, ful-ly, full-time, all-the-time… infinite.

Because that’s why we were here for: Shine. Shine (whispered)





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