The Pathway


It’s Friday. Thank God!

I am sure a lot of people could sit around and complain that they have not found their art (I do). “Art” meaning that thing that you, above anyone else, is the best at. Or SO good at, that people will pay you for it. Maybe it can be found in some professions. Or aspects of professions. I have only seen brief flits. Maybe I (you) have no calling.

But have you ever felt that pull? That longing? That discontent? Have you ever complained about Mondays? Hmm. If you have…

That’s it. That’s you! The deeper You is trying to get out.

But we don’t listen. Better to keep small. People might talk.

How many times have you heard someone to tell you to “do  your best” and that’s all that can be expected. And you shouldn’t beat yourself up about it.


Why? Because we all go to work. We work without purpose. Don’t believe me? If it were purposeful, no one would say TGIF! If you live for Fridays, your shit is broke (thanks Gary. V.). You want to be somewhere else doing that thing that lights you up.

But we don’t. We play small. Waiting for retirement… or worse: death.

Your company does not care for you. Especially if it’s publicly traded. If it is, your tenure is at the whim of the market. Or poor decisions from top of the food chain. Anything else you may be told is a platitude. And by the way, HR is there for the company, not for the people.

Do my best. Do my best. How can I be driven to do my best in a job that sucks the soul out of me and that ultimately, is only there to make someone else rich. Do I work for the money? Hell yeah! Why else?

But I do my best. I worry. I compete. I’m anxious. I’m stressed. I prepare spreadsheets and documents. I make calls. I have coffee. I produce good work. So WHAT THE HELL?! I still go to be every night unfulfilled. Knowing that there is something else inside of me waiting. And it’s a patient mother fucker. I can’t scream at it to show up. It’s calm. It’s deep.

So what’s the answer? (read my free e-book and give me $199.99 a month and I will tell you).

OK. That was a joke. 🙂

I think… I think the answer is in a word I have been pondering lately. Just as electricity needs to be grounded, we need a PATHWAY. A pathway.

Gratitude is a pathway. Service is a pathway. Meditation is a pathway.


I have always told myself that “I’m on the path”. Cool.

It’s time to name the path.





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