Back to Front Alignment


Driving into work this morning, I passed a semi-truck carrying a MASSIVE metal beam, similar to the one in the picture below (which I lifted from Reddit). The back wheels of the truck are not connected to the front with anything other than the beam and I imagine the engineering is fairly complex to get the rear of the vehicle to align with the front. Anything outside of a few inches of difference would cause the entire thing to wreck (which is what happened to the pictured truck:

It got me thinking about how, even if the front of the truck “knows” where it is going, if the back isn’t in sync, the whole thing has the ability to run off course and have catastrophic consequences. Where have we seen this before in organizations? That is, where the leader is 100% invested and completely involved, but the rest of the organization is just a few inches off of center.

It happens in our personal lives as well. I can be the most prolific leader/husband/father/friend, but if something is not in line with the “idea” of who I am… let’s say health… success is a hell of a lot harder to come by. And we are running on borrowed time.

Garrett J. White talks about 4 areas of our lives that are constantly vying for attention and if not curated, become unbalanced. He calls them the “Core Four” and they are: body, being, balance, and business. At the end of his bite-size podcasts, he asks a simple question:

“Where in your Core Four are you not _________?”

It is meant to spur a simple process of noticing. And by noticing, change is available. Without it, we remain asleep and any of those four are at risk of ending up like that truck: a heap of twisted metal on the side of the road for any passersby to gawk at, unable to reach its destination.