Somos humanidade – We are humanity

Somos humanidade — We are humanity

My son is in high school and this semester he’s taking a class in sociology. Of course when I asked him what the class was about, he said it was the study of society… duh (I need to drag him deeper to come up with a more sophisticated answer). Sociology isn’t just studying society, it is how we are connected and how the choices we make affect each other and our environment, whether we want them to or not. No one is passive in this relationship.

I love Ted Talks. So it was easy enough to google “sociology ted talk” and click on a link. The first link to pop up was “The wisdom of sociology” by Sam Richards, a sociologist at Penn State. He also has one called “Radical experiment in empathy” which sounds pretty cool. I’ll check that one out next.

My son and I sat for 19 minutes in silence as Sam talked bout the invisible web of Sociology. The interconnectedness of people. Connections that can’t be seen with the naked eye but are nonetheless there. Underlying, unavoidable patterns. The conclusion being: we are never truly alone. Even as personal of a decision as one might think suicide is, it can not be extrapolated from the society from which that person inhabits. A person can not be outside of society and a society can not exist without the person. Kind of makes me think about “free will” and whether or not we can truly have any. Does a red blood cell have free will? Hmm.

At the end, my son had a bit of a hard time putting it all together, but I feel he has a deeper knowing even if he doesn’t realize it. If nothing else, he can now go into his class and have something to share.

As I sat alone, hours later, I thought a bit deeper about what Sam was saying. Sociology. It’s a science, right? Hmm. I’m not so sure. The interconnectedess can be described as a collective unconsciousness. A feeling. An energy. A spirit. A vibration. Is this “science” or perhaps spirituality?

I dunno. I’m sitting in my office alone… or am I? 🙂