Ego… you bitch!

What are you noticing? What is different? What is changing?

As cathartic as these questions can be, the use of inquisitive words, such as “why” can be nonconstructive, such as “why is this happening to me?”. The ego is a trickster. It is tricking you into dismissing your journey, thoughts, feelings as something that isn’t ‘you’. Trust yourself, being mindful of the words you speak as they not only align you with your frequency, but also have the ability to CREATE reality.

The term “self fulfilling prophecy” has been heard by all of us, but we don’t listen. Hearing without listening. My kids do this all the time. When I hear them say they’re a failure at school/sports/whatever, I have to stop them. Those words have more meaning than they understand. OR, if there is a deeper knowing within my kids, the ego is tricking them to play it safe. Success is a heavy burden.

Have you ever gone blank when trying to remember a name, or during a presentation completely lost track of what the heck you were talking about? Just when you had the perfect(ess) thing to say… blank. Nothing. That’s the ego. She is a cruel mistress.

For 44 years, I have dismissed myself. Going forward, my intention is work from within my deeper knowing and choosing action that honors that.